Going hand in hand with prototyping, 3D scanning is an invaluable addition to any reverse engineering process to ensure that your original sample is reconstructed in a highly detailed, digital format. Through the use of a range of Nikon scanners with an accuracy of up to 1.9 microns, you can be sure that no details will go to waste in the process. Not only is this technology suited to reverse engineering a part that you no longer have the drawing for but it's also ideal for making design changes to physical objects as well as analysis and inspections to check things like clearances and fit. By also using handheld scanners, we're able to travel up and down the country to suit your needs and not only is this more cost effective than other methods like traditional probing techniques, it's also perfect for fragile parts with it being a non invasive approach to reverse engineering.

Not only can the scan data be used for 3D printing but we can also help you move forward with having the part CNC machined or injection moulded for mass production runs with our range of contacts in the different industries.

3D Scanning 1

3D Scanning 2
3D Scanning 3