Meet the Team

Meet The Team - Ben Folkes

Ben Folkes, Managing Director

3D Folkes is the passion-project come business venture of managing director, Ben Folkes, who built his first 3D printer in his bedroom at his student digs in Sheffield over 5 years ago. 

Middlesbrough native Ben’s passion for all things 3D and design was born while studying for his mechanical engineering degree; soon after completing his first bedroom-build, Ben packed up his books and went full time with 3D Folkes in 2015.

Fast forward to 2020, 3D Folkes has come a long way from one man and his printer – Ben and his team have outgrown 3 city-centre locations, are 3D Hubs manufacturing partners and certified Made in Sheffield licence holders, working with some of the countries most reputable companies. 

Ben’s role is still heavily customer-focused, ensuring everyone’s receiving the great service they expect as well as driving the growth in the business by meeting new customers and deciding on the company’s strategy and direction.

Meet The Team - Max V

Max Vogtlander, Operations Director

Max started his career with 3D Folkes as a Design Engineer back in 2017 after completing his Engineering degree. Over the years as the business has evolved, Max’s role has amassed a host of new responsibilities including the management of the other Design Engineers, the running of our bank of 3D printers, the quality management of our projects and many more.

By showing a rare drive in the early days and putting himself at the front and centre of projects, Max showed a keen desire to see the company grow. This meant promotions were inevitable and so after becoming our Operations Manager, he was deservedly appointed as Operations Director in early 2020.

Meet The Team - Ben K

Ben Keyser, Design Engineer

Ben started his career with 3D Folkes as a placement student whilst studying Product Design at Nottingham Trent University.

After spending his first year with 3D Folkes, Ben not only showed a great eye for design and critical thinking but also a great work ethic with a desire to always see his projects right through to the end. This was shown as a prime example after working through the night to ensure the Welwyn Garden City landscape project met its deadline.