Case Study – Beta Climbing Designs

Case Study – Beta Climbing Designs – Access

Established in 2002, Beta Climbing Designs is a UK based climbing equipment company that specializes in remote clipping devices for sport climbing and industrial application. They strongly support UK manufacturing and design.

3D Folkes and Beta Climbing Designs have been in partnership since August 2018, developing a range of products used within the climbing, rescue and safety industry.

Beta were insistent in keeping development and manufacture local to Yorkshire where possible, and therefore 3D Folkes was an obvious choice due to their extensive experience in concept design, prototyping and design specific manufacture methods.

To date, 3D Folkes and Beta Climbing Designs have collaborated on 10 unique projects.

Design Challenge

The challenge when developing the BETA Access was to create a safety and rescue product which was modular to BETA’s existing rescue pole as well as being capable of fitting 8 unique leading carabiners, whilst conforming to load and stress requirements.

Various iterations were developed in order to optimize fitment, strength capabilities and manufacture considerations, with each iteration prototyped and tested to BETA’s rigorous testing procedures.

Currently Used In


Prototype Development

The process for this particular project was very hands-on. Prototypes were manually cut, glue welded – to manipulate the shape to work with all 8 carabiners and then the new geometry was converted to CAD data and styled aesthetically, using engineering theory to maintain strength and functionality.

Beta Climbing Designs - Prototyping

Final Product

Beta Climbing Designs - Final Product

If you require any assistance in product development and/ or prototyping, please email info@3dfolkes.co.uk.