where is 3d printing used

Where Is 3D Printing Used?

Where is 3d Printing used? Over recent years, 3D printing has become much more versatile and cost-effective and can be applied in a huge variety of industries and for many different uses. So where is 3d printing used? We’ve put together a list of a few popular applications. Prototyping 3D […]

What is 3d Printing? 1

What is 3d Printing?

What Is 3d Printing?   3D printing, put simply, is the manufacturing of a solid 3d object from a 3d digital model.   It is quoted by the Financial Times as ‘potentially being larger than the internet’ and is sometimes referred to as ‘additive manufacturing’. The 3d printing process involves […]

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3d Printing Sheffield

3D Folkes are Yorkshire’s leading product design company, offering a wide range of 3d printing services to Sheffield and the entire UK. We pride ourselves on offering product design solutions and 3d printing services in Sheffield, with quality at the forefront of everything we do. We specialise in designing and […]

Sustainable 3d Printing

Sustainable 3D Printing

Did you know that 3D Folkes was named as the ‘Most Sustainable 3D Printing Service Provider 2020 – UK’ in the Corporate Excellence Awards at the end of last year? The Corporate Excellence Awards acknowledge and celebrate businesses all across the world. They highlight those companies that ‘innovate, grow and […]

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Printing our way to sustainability

Since 2015 3D Folkes has been providing a service advantageous when compared with ancestral methods of product manufacturing. Compared with older technologies, such as injection moulding, 3D printing allows for the generation of far more complex products with previously impossible forms all the while maximising material use and minimising waste. As if that wasn’t […]