CAD, or Computer-aided Design, is the use of computer software to design a product. By recording specific dimensions, materials, and tolerances we can give you a highly accurate and detailed model of your product. At 3D Folkes, we offer a high quality CAD design service that will assist you in optimising your product – our CAD design engineers can help you at any stage of the process whether it’s just a one off CAD model or the full package of taking an initial idea right through to setting it up for mass production.

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What We Do

We use Solidworks, one of the leading CAD design software packages, to convert your idea into a detailed digital 3D CAD design. First, we’ll ask you to provide us with hand-drawn sketches, engineering drawings or just a rough design brief so we can then set up a line of communication between yourself and one of our talented design engineers to begin to create your idea in a 3D space. As the CAD design project develops, we will keep you updated with high quality renders and you can then monitor the progress at every step of the journey, until your concept has reached a point where you’re extremely satisfied with your final 3D CAD design.


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Advantages of CAD

By bringing your design to life our CAD design offers you many benefits:

  • Accuracy – with CAD design you can ensure correct alignment and sizing of your product.

  • Control – you maintain control over materials and finishing details.

  • Efficiency – repetitive manual drawing and physical drafts are a thing of the past.

  • To-scale Realism – 3D CAD gives you the ability to view and rotate your design; giving you more freedom on sizing decisions before constructing your product.

  • Understanding – you can comment on and alter your design without wasting material costs.

  • Visualisation – 3D CAD design lets you see the completed design in high quality renderings before committing to printing.


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Why Choose 3D Folkes?

We will always strive to impress you with the quality of our work; ensure you don’t miss out on the 3D CAD services that we offer here at 3D Folkes in your next project:

  • 3D printable geometry

  • A wide range of file types

  • Engineering drawings

  • FEA simulation capabilities

  • Flexibility to make alterations at any time.

  • High-quality renderings

  • Injection moulding and CNC machining capabilities

  • Mechanical assemblies and engineering components

If you require CAD services then don’t hesitate to contact us today by calling 0333 335 0150 for all of your 3D CAD needs. You can also contact us online or email us directly at for a prompt response from one of our CAD design engineers.

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