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Innovation is at the core of what we do

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Product Design Consultancy

Innovation is at the very core of what we do, from high-quality product designs to state of the art technology. At every step we consider both client and user experience to provide both an effective product design solution and a high-quality product. Here at 3D Folkes, we do more than simply create the design as our product design consultancy team will support you through every step of the process from conception right through to creation.

We combine cutting edge technology with our specialist expertise in product design to bring our clients the best in product design consultancy in the UK. We work with businesses in a variety of sectors, including mechanical design, automotive, aerospace and industrial design and you can see some of our work here.

CAD Design

CAD, or Computer-aided Design, is the process of using computer software to design a new product idea in its entirety. CAD is used by product designers to conceptualise the product design before creating a physical model. Regardless of the specification, here at 3D Folkes, we are able to create highly accurate and detailed engineering designs of any item or component.


CAD Design helps to lower product development costs, removes unnecessary prototyping costs and cuts down on the product development process times. By combining cutting edge CAD technology with our specialist product design & development knowledge, 3D Folkes is able to offer a high-quality CAD design consultancy services to a variety of businesses throughout the United Kingdom.

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3d scanning/ reverse engineering

3D scanning is the process of analysing a physical object to capture its shape, measurements and design. It is used in reverse engineering, where designers work back from through the design process by starting with a finished item and ending with the part of product design specifications. By using state of the art 3D scanners, our design team is able to attain dimensional information of any object, product or part.

In addition to being used for 3D printing, the 3D scan can greatly shorten the product development process. Reverse engineering also provides an opportunity to manufacture obsolete parts and products, as well as archiving legacy parts. Finally, 3D scanning can be used for competitor analysis for a competitive edge. Our specialist product design consultants have extensive experience in both 3D scanning and reverse engineering and understand the processes and technologies associated with this design and engineering technique.


Sustainable Manufacturing

Not only do our manufacturing methods reduce energy usage, we use recycled filaments on all of our 3D printing projects.

In-House Recycling

We have installed a facility for recycling our eco-friendly 3D printing filament in-house.

Rapid Prototyping

We offer an incredible 2-day turnaround on rapid prototyping projects!

Quality Assured

We are proud members of 3D Hubs, and complete all jobs in strict accordance with the 3D Hubs code of practice.

Affordable Prices

Less wastage means less cost, and these great prices are passed directly to our customers!

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