3D Scanning

3D scanning is the process of analysing a real world, three-dimensional object or environment in order to capture a 3D point cloud of data on its specific shape, measurements and design with the intention of replicating it; ensuring that the original sample is reconstructed and exported into a highly detailed and accurate digital format.

Going hand in hand with a variety of technologically-advanced software, our 3D scanning services offer a number of applications from triangulated STL files for 3D printing to fully reverse engineered parts exported through our preferred computer-aided design programme, Solidworks.

Product Design - Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is the process of reconstructing or replicating an existing object or part. Typically, in the process of forward engineering,  a designer or engineer will design a part or product on paper and will construct the item from those drawings. Reverse engineering works backwards through the original design process by starting with a finished item and completing each of the steps in the opposite direction to arrive at the part or product design specification.

Using state-of-the-art 3D scanners, our design consultants are able to attain dimensional information of any object, product or item; from mechanical parts and components to historical artefacts, and everything in between! Once the 3D point cloud data is collected, we are able to provide dimensional data in a range of formats including .STL, STEP and SolidWorks files.   

As well as our range of in-house Nikon machines with accuracy up to 1.9 microns, we also offer mobile 3D scanning services through the use of our advanced handheld scanners. Not only is this more cost-effective than traditional probing techniques, but it’s also perfect for fragile parts due to its non-invasive approach to reverse engineering.

What is 3D Scanning Used For?

Not only is the reverse engineering process suited to engineering a part you no longer have the drawings for but it’s also ideal for making design changes to physical objects as well as analysis and inspections of technical specifications such as clearances and fit.

Product Development – Not only can 3D scan data be used for 3D printing but the dimensional information gathered through scanning can vastly compress the product development cycle. Reverse engineering allows you to identify and address defects with your design quickly without the need to disassemble physical parts and speed up mass production runs.

Our experienced team can also put you in touch with our vast network of CNC machining and injection moulding contacts throughout the country.    

Legacy Parts – Reverse engineering provides an opportunity to manufacture previously obsolete products and parts in a way never seen before. Our state-of-the-art 3D scanning systems can create highly accurate CAD files and fully functioning 3D models of mechanical components designed decades ago without the need for existing drawings or CAD data. Producing legacy parts through reverse engineering is a cost-effective way of maintaining older machinery.        

Digital Archiving – When the only data on an object’s physical dimensions is the item itself, 3D scanning and reverse engineering is a quick and affordable solution to replicating and preserving dimensional information. Using advanced reverse engineering techniques, we are able to produce highly accurate CAD models of standard geometric items as well complex, intricate organically shaped objects.         

Competitor Analysis – Reverse engineering is often one of the only ways to gather dimensional data on the parts and products of your competitors. By using high-quality 3D scanning technology, our clients are able to improve on their competitor’s designs – gain a competitive edge and drive product innovation.      

Original equipment manufacturer Issues – If the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) has ceased production or is no longer producing your required part, reverse engineering can be pivotal in maintaining vital equipment and machinery. Our high-resolution 3d scanners can provide the essential information required to continue production.

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How can 3D Folkes Help You?

Our specialist product design consultants are vastly knowledgeable in both 3D scanning and reverse engineering and possess a deep understanding of the many processes and technologies associated with this manufacturing technique. Our 3D scanning and reverse engineering consultants will always:  

✔ Expertly apply their mathematical, scientific and engineering knowledge; analytical skills and specialist 3D scanning and 3D printing expertise.
✔ Work with you to identify flaws within your design and formulate strategies to overcome issues identified during the 3D scanning process. Where appropriate, 3D Folkes will also recommend specialist suppliers from our trusted network of industry partners.
✔ Obtain and maintain up-to-date knowledge of the legal and ethical responsibilities applicable to the reverse engineering process and your specific design.
✔ Carry out careful and considered use of high-spec 3D scanning technology, to suit the unique requirements of each individual project.
✔ Conduct a full and thorough quality assessment on all completed projects prior to sign-off.  

For further information, or to arrange a FREE consultation with one of our 3D scanning consultants, fill in our contact form or email us today at info@3dfolkes.co.uk. Prefer to speak to someone? No problem! Call now on 0114 2211 862.