Taking an Idea From CAD to Prototype, Right Through to Mass Production

Here at 3D Folkes, when it comes to product development, we believe that keeping everything under one roof passes on some real benefits to our clients. From initial concepts to 3D printed prototypes, we feel that our ‘start to finish’ service offers a well coordinated solution for your design and prototyping needs.

What we offer

We are a group of 3D printing specialists and CAD designers that can develop your project from ideas to prototypes, although your project may fall somewhere in between. Our in-house design service typically begins by liaising with the client, creating a CAD model, and then creating the final prototype using innovative 3D printers. Throughout the process, there is always a high level of communication as we strive to create the best outcome for your project.

What this means for you

1. Time

Here at 3D Folkes, we know that when you invest your time, you want the process to feel efficient. Product development can take time to get right, and to get it right, you have to invest your time intelligently. Long lead times can transpire from having to coordinate third parties, something we are able to remove by enabling our clients to develop their products from start to finish, with us.

2. Confidentiality

Keeping your ideas under one roof inevitably leads to greater confidentiality. Confidentiality is something we take very seriously, whether you have a pre-existing non-disclosure agreement or you need to put one in place to protect your project, we have the capabilities to accommodate these needs. We can provide template non-disclosure agreements to keep your ideas safe. If you put your trust in us, we guarantee the highest level of confidentiality for your ideas.

3. Networking

When you have reached the final prototype, we are well placed to provide you with the contacts you may need to take your project further. Additionally, as we know the product well and we have optimised it for manufacture, we are well placed to pass on technical expertise to manufacturers. When you have invested time into the development of your product and you want it to reach its full potential, we feel that our integrated service will get you prepared for life after prototyping.

4. Coherence

By being able to provide our clients with more than once service, we are able to keep your project well coordinated. Difficulty can arise in the design process when information becomes fragmented as it is passed between third parties, leading to significant delays in getting your project to manufacture. By offering a ‘start to finish’ service, we significantly reduce space for error and miscommunication.

5. Ease

Put simply, our in-house service hopes to make it easier for you to take your project from concept to completion. By giving you a singular point of contact for your design needs, we hope to make product development straightforward for your or your business.


If you’d like to see how our service could work for yourself or your business, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0333 335 0150 or email us via info@3dfolkes.co.uk