3D Printer Repair Service

At 3D Folkes, we know 3D printers. What started as a hobby using a homemade printer, quickly turned into a passion and a deep and intricate technical understanding of 3D printing technology and the complex machines used to create the 3D models we produce here at 3D Folkes.  

A 3D printer is a complex device and a large investment – unexpected problems with your machine can cause stress and have a profound impact on your business. At 3D Folkes, we offer professional repairs of:

✔ FDM printers
✔ SLA printers
✔ SLS printers       

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How Can We Help?

Our team handle 3D printers on a daily basis and have gained a wealth of knowledge through their years of 3D printing experience; from faults to updates – our 3D printer engineers apply this specific knowledge to each individual case in order to find the right solution to each unique problem. 

Having problems with a 3D printer of your own? Can’t figure out a solution, don’t want to risk expensive damage or just don’t have the time? 3D Folkes can help – call us today for tailored advice and a FREE 3D printer repair quote!

Printer working fine, but think it might be time to upgrade? As well as 3D printer repairs, we also offer 3D printer system updates – speak to a member of the team for further information!

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Annual 3D Printer Servicing Package

As well as repairs and hardware upgrades, we also provide an annual servicing package guaranteed to keep your 3D printer in top shape!

This package includes:

  • Cleaning or replacing of nozzle(s) depending on the condition
  • Cleaning or replacing drive gear / hobbed bolt
  • Tightening of belts
  • Lubrication of components with a high-quality PTFE lubricant
  • Updates to firmware
  • Full calibration
  • Temperature checks
  • Comprehensive motor checks 
  • Cleaning and tidying of all wires, removal of dust and other dirt
  • Advice on future maintenance

As we as any other bespoke repairs or maintenance required!

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5* 3D Printer Repair Service UK

If you’re looking for affordable 3D printer repair – we carry out 3D printer servicing jobs both big and small and guarantee quality on all repairs. Our repair services are tailored to suit your exact requirements and budget. The brands we carry out 3D printer repair on include but are not limited to: 

  • Formlabs
  • Ultimaker
  • Makerbot
  • Wanhao, Flashforge etc. (including other Chinese clones)
  • Airwolf 3D
  • MBOT
  • Dremel
  • Zortrax
  • Envisiontec
  • Prusa
  • Printrbot
  • Solidoodle

For a FREE quote call us on 0114 2211 862, fill in our contact form or email us directly at info@3dfolkes.co.uk and a member of the team will be in touch shortly.

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