Sustainable 3d Printing

Did you know that 3D Folkes was named as the ‘Most Sustainable 3D Printing Service Provider 2020 – UK’ in the Corporate Excellence Awards at the end of last year?

The Corporate Excellence Awards acknowledge and celebrate businesses all across the world. They highlight those companies that ‘innovate, grow and thrive despite challenges and uncertainty’.

The last year has been difficult to say the least, and businesses have had to navigate unprecedented circumstances. At the beginning of 2020, we made the decision to put our production on pause.

Instead, we allocated all of our resources to create visor masks for the NHS. It was incredibly rewarding to play a part in supporting our key workers, and help to keep them safe as they carry out their invaluable work.

During this time, we also focused on the company itself, and the services that we offer, ensuring that 3D Folkes was providing the best value and quality possible as things returned to ‘normal’.

Therefore, it goes without saying that receiving this Corporate Excellence Award means a lot to us. We’re proud to be recognised for our commitment to sustainability during such a challenging time!

Why Sustainable 3d Printing is important for us

This has been a huge focus for us over the past couple of years, and our sustainable practices really are fundamental to what we do.

We’re really proud that 3D Folkes is one of the leading UK design consultancies, and one of the few design and manufacturing companies that offer environmentally friendly 3D printing and product design solutions. We’re dedicated to applying our creativity and expertise in designing successful products in an environmentally friendly way.

Through our partnership with Filamentive, we have been able to significantly minimise our carbon footprint by using only recycled plastics and sustainable 3D printing. Filamentive’s sustainable 3D printing filament ensures we can still provide great quality and eco conscious products to our customers.

At 3D Folkes, we believe that sustainability is the future of 3D printing, and it is something that will always be core to what we do.